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Chapter Info

The Hudson Valley Chapter is an official chapter of The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, Inc. The chapter was founded in 2004 to provide opportunities for area men and women to give and receive help in training their versatile hunting dogs, and to promote sound conservation principles and sportsmanship.  We primarily train and hold our tests in the Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York State.

Chapter Membership

All clinic participants must be members of NAVHDA International.  Non-Chapter members will be charged a $20/clinic fee (for a maximum of two training clinics), and need to adhere to our guidelines for safety, bird orders, and general rules, which can be found from the main page by selecting Clinic Day (Field Trial) or as posted here:

We welcome guests and visitors to one non-training visit at a clinic day (at no charge).

Our current membership is made up of both individuals and families from New York, Connecticut, Long Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Some of our members are new to NAVHDA with their first dog while others are more experienced trainers, guides and handlers.

Please keep in mind that your International and Chapter memberships must be current prior to your participating in any chapter activities, (except non-training visitors)

To Join our Chapter: 
Please complete the membership application form and mail it to Debbie Field with your payment.  If you have any questions, contact Debbie at

Membership Application Form in MS Word

To visit a Field Trial:
Please read the clinic rules and clinic information and then complete the clinic registration form at least 9 days prior to the training day.