Establishing Goals2019-07-15T02:24:07-04:00

Establishing Goals

Effective training starts with clearly defined goals.

When you attend a Training Clinic (officially called Field Trials in NY State) our Training Director Barbara Koskos will appropriately place you in the group that she believes will most-effectively facilitate your progress.

“I want to see what happens when…” is not a clearly defined goal. If you’re new, or not sure what to say – that’s okay! Here are some primers for each level of your training:

Totally New / Natural Ability

  • First bird exposure
  • First water exposure
  • Improving swimming confidence
  • Introducing / improving steadiness (aka staying still)
  • Exposure to gunfire

Intermediate / UPT / UT

  • Introduction to ducks
  • Improving steadiness
  • Dog is not steady to flush, wing, shot, fall, etc.
  • Specific UT activity (e.g. training steady by the blind)


  • You probably know what you need to work on at this point. If not, let’s talk.