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Clinic Day (Field Trial)

You MUST complete and send the clinic attendance form at least the Tuesday of the week prior to a clinic (Assessment Trial) – i.e., a minimum 10 Days Notice. Any bird orders received after the 9:00pm Friday cut off will not be accepted.  Larry Giordano will confirm by email.  If you don’t receive a confirmation at least 5 days before the clinic, please contact him.

Also, please note that if you order birds and do not show up at the clinic, you will be charged for the birds.  Please get to the meeting site by 7:30 AM.  We will be driving through the gate as a group at 8:00 am and  fees will be collected and birds distributed at the training site. Remember to bring a bird carrier to hold your birds. It is also advisable to bring other equipment that you might need during the course of the clinic. Both your International and Chapter memberships must be current for you to attend an Assessment Trial.

Clinic Attendance Form
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