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Clinic Attendance Form

To attend a clinic you must fill out the form below by Tuesday 9pm, the week BEFORE the training. (e.g. 4/2 to attend on 4/13). Our club has grown so much in recent years, we cannot accommodate late entries.

Chapter members should work toward developing training days together in small groups.  There are some existing groups, or you may look to form your own with others close in proximity to your home.  Get together after work or non a non-trial weekend and work on the elements of the test.  Much of this can be accomplished in a backyard or smaller setting, utilizing tools such as place boards, check cord, and a training table.  It helps to have extra hands and feedback.  This will help you be prepared for success in trial day goals.  If you are planning on attending a Clinic Day (Assessment Trial) please fill out the Bird Order Form below.


In the form below, please indicate the date of the clinic session, your name, and the quantity of birds you would like to order.
If you are attending the clinic and do not need birds, please check the “Clinic Only” box.

You will receive an email from the chapter’s webpage almost immediately after you submit the Bird Order Form.  Additionally, you will receive an email reply back from Larry, confirming your attendance and your Bird Order/Clinic Fee $ – Check made out to HV NAVHDA, or exact cash in a sealed envelope with your name & amount enclosed written on it.

If you do not receive a confirmation by Saturday of the week before the training day, please contact him at

Barb (Training Director) will also receive this form so that the Training Committee is aware of your goals and can place in you in an appropriate group.

It is important that you have a goal, for you and your dog, at the clinic session.  It is equally important that you can express that goal to the Training Committee.  Do your best to explain what you are trying to accomplish. You and your dog will be happier with the results, when everyone is on the same page as you.  The Committee and Field Leaders will do their best to assist you and your dog in assessing and making progress towards your stated goal.  The more specific you are with your goal, the better we can utilize the time and resources of the clinic session.

A stated goal of, “I just want to put birds out and see how my dog does” or “develop my dog’s abilities”,  is not a goal.

A stated goal of, “I want to whoa my dog, as it crosses the scent cone, to prevent sight pointing of the bird”, is a specific goal.

Please print out your goals and bring them with you on training day.

If you do not see a confirmation message after submitting – WE DID NOT GET YOUR ORDER!