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Hudson Valley Chapter Training/Testing
Equipment Checklist

This is an equipment list for you and your dog for training.  You may not need all of these every time you train.  It can be disappointing to have a plan in mind and then find out you’ve forgotten something.  Try to have everything you need to train.  It may be a good idea to see if others bring any of the bigger items.

For the Dogs:

  • Check-cord
  • Whistle (if you use one)
  • Collars (regular with ID, prong, e-collar and transmitter)
  • Leashes, leads
  • Water, food, bowls, electrolytes or energy bars if used
  • Dummies/bumpers for retrieving
  • Blank pistol and blanks (dog owner should provide blanks, contact clinic leader for info)
  • Crate or tie-out stake (Dogs MUST NOT be running loose, except when training)
  • Tarp for shade, battery powered fans if used
  • First Aid Kit

General Equipment:

  • Bird bag / carrier -birds will be distributed at parking area before training
  • Bird/duck tags -these are mandatory for all birds in your possession
    they will be provided with your birds.
  • Money (to pay for clinic expenses and bird reimbursement)
  • Note pad and pencil to make note of tips or things you want to work on
  • Lunch, snacks, drinks for you
  • Blaze Orange apparel (hat, vest, jacket, etc.)
  • Tick spray/Bug spray
  • Garbage bags in which to bring birds and/or garbage home
  • Wipes for hands
  • Folding chair
  • Cooler
  • First Aid Kit
  • Rain gear
  • Hearing protection & safety glasses
  • Humor and patience

GUNNERS (only those authorized by Chapter Board)

  • Current, valid New York State hunting license.
  • Blaze orange hat or vest
  • Break-open shotgun
  • Shells (lead, steel or poppers)
  • No alcohol consumption at any NAVHDA event.
  • Blank pistol and blanks (dog owner should provide blanks, contact clinic leader for info)
  • Hearing protection

(birds are provided at actual tests)

Natural Ability:

  • Birds for field
  • Pheasant for track
  • Lead or check-cord to teach quartering/obedience in field
  • Bumpers/dummies for water
  • Whistle (if you use one)
  • 2 blanks/poppers for gunner

Utility Prep/Utility:

Duck Search:

  • 2-3 dead ducks or 1-3 live ducks (UPT uses dead ducks for test)
  • Canoe/Kayak with paddles and life jacket
  • Break-open or single shot shotgun
  • Blank/popper loads/ Steel shot
  • Watch or stop-watch
  • Rocks, if necessary


  • Your birds
  • Blaze orange vest/hat
  • Water for you and dog
  • Whistle
  • Dog’s bell if you use one
  • Leash or lead to and from field
  • Your gunners – be nice to them. They are your best friends in a test!

Blind Sequence:

  • 6 blanks/poppers per sequence – 4 for you, 2 for distraction gunner
  • Blind
  • Heeling stakes – 10 pair
  • Decoys
  • Lead/leash
  • Dead ducks – 1 per sequence


  • Dead duck or pheasant
  • Rope or lead


  • Bird launchers