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What You Need To Know About Clinic Days (Field Trial Days)

1. If you wish to attend a clinic and order birds, you MUST complete and send the clinic attendance form no later than 9pm of the Tuesday of the week prior( 10+ days prior)  to the assessment trial. You will not be able to order birds if you do not do this.  If it is after the requisite Tuesday, you may still register to train, but you must provide your own game (if desired).

Assessment Trial or scheduling questions should be directed to Barb at training_director@hvnavhda.org

Please note the Chapter uses Clinic, Assessment Trial and Field Trial interchangeable

2. There is a $12.00 fee for each clinic for each Chapter member or family.  The clinic fees go to the chapter to help defer other costs associated with the clinic.

3. Guests and visitors will be allowed one free non-training visit to a clinic day.  After this complimentary clinic, the guest or visitor must join NAVHDA Int’l. and either join the Hudson Valley Chapter or pay a $20/clinic fee (for a maximum of two training clinics).

Safety Issues:

1.  NO ALCOHOLIC beverages are permitted at any Chapter event at any time.

2.  The speed limit at Stewart Multiple Use Area is no more than 15 mph.  Please slow greatly when passing others on the roads.

3.  All participants and spectators at the clinics must wear blaze orange hats or clothing while in training areas.

4.  Shooting at a Hudson Valley event is an honor reserved for members in good standing who:
(a) possess a current valid NY Hunting License
(b) have demonstrated safe gun handling skills
(c) have been active in the NAVHDA system and have an understanding of dog training that will allow them to know when a bird needs to be shot.
Under no circumstances may a guest or visitor shoot at a Hudson Valley Chapter event.

5.  All dogs that are not being actively trained are to be either:
(a) crated
(b) confined in a vehicle in such a way that they cannot escape
(c)  in the immediate, leashed control of the owner/handler. (ie. while returning from training area)…This means not running loose on purpose. Especially in the main parking area.
(d) staked/tied with a chain/lead that they cannot escape from and short enough that they cannot interfere with auto / foot traffic
NOTE: The owner of the dog assumes ALL responsibility for incidents occurring while the dog is staked out.

6.  Keep in mind we do share these grounds with others (horses, hikers, hunters, fishermen, bird watchers, etc.).  Be aware of their presence and respect their rights to access the property.  Give them the right of way on property roads (Especially the horses!)

7.  Everyone is to stay with their group and not go off on their own and use other pieces of property not authorized to do so. Doing so could lead to our permit being revoked by the state.

Bird Orders:

1. Birds can be ordered at cost plus a small handling fee.

2. All bird orders must be placed with Larry Giordano  no later than 9pm of  Tuesday of the week prior (10+ days)  to the training clinic.  Late orders will not be processed!!

3. All bird orders and clinic fees must be paid in full in cash before the start of the clinic.

4. The chapter reserves the right to limit or modify bird orders.  We will not accept orders for more birds than can be used at a single training session.

5. If you are unable to attend the clinic, you will still be responsible for the cost of the birds.  The chapter will make no effort to hold your birds until the next clinic.

6. You must bring a carrier for any field birds that you have ordered.  Birds will be distributed up at the start of the clinic at the gathering location.

General rules:

1.  Duck searches should be approximately 20 minutes.  The clinic leader may limit the time so that each dog will have an opportunity.

2.  Pigeons may not be shot on State DEC lands.

3.  All dead game must tagged immediately upon possession and be removed from the training grounds when you leave.

4.  All trash and debris must be removed from the grounds.

5.  All guests and visitors will be limited to one dog.  Chapter members with more than two dogs should plan on staying the full day so that they can run their additional dogs after others are done.

6.  Anyone not following the rules or doing anything to jeopardize the privilege of using the grounds will be asked to leave.

7.  Please be courteous to anyone that you happen to meet while traveling or on the training grounds.